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Optimize your FB Ads With Just 1-click?

More than half the battle as an affiliate marketer using Facebook for traffic is finding the right Interests to target. Get it right? Make profits hand-over-fist.


What does it do?

Wilco de Kreij has just come out with another genius Facebook tool called ConnectExplore.

It’s able to dig deeper and uncover hundreds of profitable interests
other tools can’t find . . . because it works off of the FB Ads API.

(Most competitor’s tools don’t have permission to access the Ads API)

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FB marketers have to struggle against rising ad costs and more competition every day. It’s almost enough to make you throw in the towel.

But don’t be hasty.

Because Wilco de Kreij has an phenomenal new Facebook Interest targeting tool which:

  1. Uncovers targetable interests other tools will never have a hope in finding
  2. Allows you to add these interests to your ad sets without any complicated exporting/importing
  3. Digs deeper than other targeting tools because it’s hooked right into the FB Ads AP (and only select companies ever get to access this API)
  4. Saves you massive amounts of time in research
  5. Shows you which interests are performing best – and allows you to remove the underperformance (this way, you can optimize your ad sets with ease)

 P.S. Make sure you check out Wilco’s special offer of a 30-day free trial to his entire Suite of advanced (yet simple-to-use) FB marketing tools.

Save time. Save money. Make FB ads ultra-profitable at last

(no matter how experienced you are at running ad campaigns. )

Get it NOW