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5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer

Are you ready to dive into the exciting world of affiliate marketing and digital marketing? Whether you’re a newbie or an experienced entrepreneur, the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge by Legendary Marketer offers a unique opportunity to jump start your journey. This comprehensive challenge is designed not just to teach, but to transform how you do business online.

Key Takeaways from the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge

  1. Comprehensive Skill Building: The 5-Day Challenge focuses on teaching fundamental and transferable digital marketing skills, providing a solid foundation for building a successful online business.
  2. Structured Learning Path: Each day of the challenge builds on the previous one, offering a step-by-step approach that guides beginners through the complexities of launching an online business. This structured pathway ensures a smooth learning curve and helps consolidate knowledge.
  3. High-Quality Content Delivery: Led by experienced marketer Dave Sharpe, the video lessons are engaging and designed to break down complex concepts into understandable segments, making learning both enjoyable and effective.
  4. Supportive Community: Participants gain access to a private Facebook group and the option for one-on-one advisor sessions, fostering a supportive environment where they can ask questions, receive feedback, and connect with fellow entrepreneurs.
  5. Exceptional Value: At an entry cost of just $5, the challenge offers significant value, packing in-depth training and resources that are typically offered at a much higher price point. This makes it an accessible option for aspiring entrepreneurs to explore and learn without significant financial commitment.
  6. Practical Assignments: The inclusion of practical assignments helps participants immediately apply what they’ve learned, reinforcing skills and building confidence in their new abilities.
  7. Motivational and Inspirational: Dave Sharpe’s energetic delivery and the motivational content inspire participants to take action, making the challenge not just educational but also a catalyst for personal and professional growth.

These key points highlight the value and effectiveness of the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge, making it a commendable choice for anyone looking to start or enhance their journey in digital marketing.

Video Review of the challenge

If you prefer a video review, you can watch it below:

What is the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge?

5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge

For a one-time fee of just $5, you gain access to the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge, an intensive, action-packed program that equips you with the tools and knowledge to establish and scale your online business. From selecting a profitable niche to crafting a dynamic business strategy using organic traffic methods, this challenge covers it all. Each day of the challenge is structured to introduce critical aspects of digital marketing and business development:

  • Day 1: Learn – Dive deep into the essentials of digital marketing. Understand the four core areas that will set the foundation for your business, learn about funnels, and start defining your niche.
  • Day 2: Launch – Focus on launching your online presence with “Faceless Content,” enabling quick and effective market entry.
  • Day 3: Lead – Develop content strategies where you’re the brand front-runner, learning to lead with confidence and creativity.
  • Day 4: Mindset – Explore the entrepreneurial mindset necessary for business success.
  • Day 5: Business Plan – Craft a comprehensive business plan with guidance from Dave Sharpe, ensuring you’re ready to take focused action post-challenge.

But beware!

If you’re looking for a get-rich-quick quick cash grab…

An easy button to make money flood into your bank account…

A no-investment opportunity that never delivers what is promised…

Then this is not the right program for you and you should save yourself some time.

It’s alright.

If you’re not ready to create a real, long-lasting business that you must invest your time, patience, and some money into then you may not be the right person for this program.

See, there may only be a small fee of $5 for the 5-Day LEARN LAUNCH LEAD Challenge, but there is always an investment of time, energy, and capital into starting a business.

Exclusive Bonuses Included

The 5-Day Challenge doesn’t just stop at training. It includes several exclusive bonuses to further aid your business growth:

  1. Customized Business Plan – Tailor a business plan specific to your goals.
  2. Facebook Ads Templates – Jump start your paid advertising with ready-to-use templates.
  3. High-Ticket Email Templates – Foster relationships and build trust with professional email templates.
  4. Bridge Page Video Script – Overcome video anxiety with a script that makes you shine.
  5. Short Form Content Launch – Break into short-form video content, perfect for engaging and expanding your audience.
  6. One-on-One Business Plan Consult – Personalize your journey with a dedicated advisor.
  7. Top-Converting Funnel Access – Implement a proven funnel into your strategy for increased effectiveness.

Choose Your Learning Path

Upon your first login, you’ll choose between an Advisor-Led or Self-Led path. This flexibility allows you to tailor the learning experience to your needs.

Advisor-Led participants typically report higher satisfaction and outcomes, as they receive personalized guidance throughout the challenge.

Affiliate Opportunities and Upsell Products

As an affiliate, you’ll find that the 5-Day Challenge not only offers a great entry product but also sets the stage for high-ticket upsells.

Participants are introduced to advanced offers like the Legendary Marketers Club, the Super Affiliate Secrets, and the Omni Branding Formula.

High-ticket products such as Business Blueprints provide an array of upselling opportunities, with special time-limited offers that encourage quick decision-making.

Upsell Products

Please note: Legendary Marketer is always testing and optimizing our upsell process to make sure it converts at the highest percentage possible. If you see commissions coming in for different products at different price points, there’s no need to be concerned. We’re actively working to put as much money as possible into your pocket.

Legendary Marketers Club: The Netflix of marketing training, our flagship subscription service is a monthly marketing club packed full of training, education and resources to start, grow and scale your online business. Members receive monthly access to a live virtual training workshop and access to a new class each month taught by an expert on a topic related to marketing, sales, management or operations. This curriculum, and the way it’s delivered, is the perfect way to grow your skills and your business without getting bogged down by information overload.

Super Affiliate Secrets: Super Affiliate Secrets provides instant access to a special training video with David Sharpe where he unpacks behind-the-scenes how these super affiliates are getting massive amounts of traffic and converting that traffic into leads and sales (at 10x the volume than average affiliates).

Omni Branding Formula: Create 7-Days Of Social Media Content In 1-Hour And Be Everywhere Your Customers Are Online! Omnipresence: the state of being widespread or constantly encountered. Everywhere. And this strategy models after the most successful online marketing moguls online… so it’s already proven!

Plus…One Day workshops, trainings, and more! Once you bring in a NEW customer to Legendary Marketer, they are cookied to you for life. What does that mean? You make ongoing commissions from them, even if they upgrade to the Mastermind a year from now or purchase a new offering 2 years from now. As long as you are an active affiliate, in good standing – you will keep making commissions from that customer’s purchases.

High Ticket Products – Business Blueprints

After someone has purchased the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge, they will see the following offers on a recorded webinar with Dave Sharpe a few days into the challenge. The following bundle offers are available for purchase to all customers inside the 5-Day Challenge. They will see the following offers with a 48 hour time limit to buy on day 5 of the 5-Day Challenge.

Business Blueprints Starter Package: $2,500 (one time) – This is one of our most popular ways to get all 4 of our “core” Business Blueprints, access to the ‘Decade in a Day’ training workshop, and a slew of other bonuses at a great price.

Business Blueprints with Mastermind: $4,500 (one time) – This is one of our most popular ways to get all 4 of our “core” Business Blueprints, access to the ‘Decade in a Day’ training workshop, access to attend our LIVE Mastermind event (includes 1 ticket) and Traffic University, and a slew of other bonuses at a great price.

Following the expiration of the 48 hours special offer, students can purchase:

Any of the 4 Blueprints individually at $2500 and we will include ALL bonuses – Decade In A Day, ongoing Live support calls, DFY Business Plans, Millionaire Mindset Audio. These will be included bonuses when they purchase a single blueprints.

Lastly, a Blueprints member can UPGRADE to attend a LIVE Mastermind AT ANYTIME for the difference – $2000 and we throw in Traffic University as well.

Benefits of Participating in the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge

Having personally completed the program, I can vouch for the effectiveness of the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge in delivering a robust, actionable blueprint for launching an online business. Here are some standout features of the program:

  • Skill Development Focus: The challenge steers clear of superficial get-rich-quick schemes, instead emphasizing the acquisition of fundamental digital marketing skills. These skills are not only essential but also transferable across different industries, enhancing your versatility in the digital space.
  • Step-by-Step Guidance: For those new to digital marketing, the challenge provides structured and clear instructions on building a business from the ground up. Each day’s content builds on the previous, making the learning process manageable and coherent.
  • Engaging Content Delivery: Dave Sharpe, a seasoned marketer and educator, leads the video lessons. His ability to simplify complex concepts and present them in an engaging manner helps keep participants engaged and motivated throughout the challenge.
  • Accountability and Support: To ensure you apply what you learn, the challenge includes practical assignments. Additionally, the availability of a supportive community through a private Facebook group and the option for one-on-one advisor consultations creates an environment ripe for growth and learning.
  • Incredible Value: Priced at only $5, the challenge offers extraordinary value. The depth and quality of the content provided make it a low-risk, high-reward option for anyone looking to dip their toes into online entrepreneurship and gain substantial digital marketing skills.

✨ Ready to embark on your journey with the 5-day Learn Launch Lead Challenge? Join now and transform your digital marketing powers!

Considerations Before Joining the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge

The 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge from Legendary Marketer is undoubtedly a comprehensive and value-packed program. However, it’s essential to be aware of a few potential drawbacks before diving in:

  • Pace and Intensity: True to its name, the challenge is intense. It’s designed to deliver a wealth of information and practical skills over a short period. This rapid pace might be overwhelming for some, especially those balancing other full-time commitments.
  • Upsells: The initial entry cost of the challenge is an affordable $5. However, participants will encounter opportunities to purchase advanced programs. While these are optional and the challenge itself offers significant standalone value, the presence of upsells might not appeal to everyone.

Understanding these aspects can help set realistic expectations and prepare you for the dynamic and fast-paced environment of the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge.

Is the Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge Right for You?

The Legendary Marketer 5-Day Challenge is tailored to suit a wide range of participants, making it a fantastic opportunity for many:

  • Beginners: If you’re just stepping into the world of online business and digital marketing, this challenge offers a structured and comprehensive introduction. It’s designed to lay a solid foundation and demystify the essentials of digital marketing.
  • Intermediate Marketers: Those with some experience in the field but looking to deepen their knowledge will find the challenge particularly beneficial. It’s an excellent way to fill gaps in your understanding, sharpen your skills, and adopt a more strategic approach to your digital marketing efforts.
  • Aspiring Entrepreneurs: For individuals curious about online entrepreneurship, this challenge provides an affordable and valuable way to explore the realm of digital business and acquire relevant, up-to-date marketing skills.

No matter your background or level of experience, the 5-Day Challenge is designed to enhance your understanding and equip you with practical strategies to elevate your online business.


The 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge is more than just a training program—it’s a gateway to becoming a legendary marketer in the digital world. With comprehensive training, hands-on assignments, and invaluable bonuses, you’re set to embark on a journey that transforms not just how you do business, but how you view success in the digital age. Join today and start building the future of your dreams!

Are you ready to take the challenge and redefine your business? Join countless others who have succeeded through Legendary Marketer’s expertly designed programs.

Sign up for the 5-Day Learn Launch Lead Challenge today and start your journey to becoming a legendary marketer!

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