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ESTN make money on e-sports tournament platform with – NFT

ESTN make money on the biggest e-sports tournament platform as player, tournament seat owner or affiliate. Sounds cool?

E-sports are the single fastest growing sport branch with millions of dollars invested into it. According to a Rolling Stone magazine, E sports “revenues hit $950 million in 2019. For 2020, it predicted revenues to hit $1.1 billion, the first time the industry has ever crossed the ten-figure threshold”.

What is ESTN make money?

I know there are a ton of shiny objects out there but this is one you need to pay super close attention to, it is one of the best projects to come out in the E-sports gaming space.

ESTN is an e-sports tournament platform based on blockchain and NFT technology. ESTN revolutionizes global e-sports by introducing an e-sports tournament and scoring platform based on blockchain technology and owned by gamers, seat owners and spectators within a Metaverse.

ESTN has developed a comprehensive, blockchain-based Esports tournament platform to host, track, and reward players in a virtually unlimited number of Esports tournaments across multiple tiers of branded leagues. The ESTN platform tracks player performance across any platform-supported game.

Their proprietary Universal Player Record (UPR) system is platform-centric and game-centric. This enables ESTN to track individual players across multiple games standardizing ranking methodologies across the Esports landscape.

Grounding this UPR system in blockchain technology will guarantee fair and immutable record keeping and accurate real-time player performance assessments.

Each player’s UPR will update on the blockchain, ensuring transparency and accountability.

For gamers, it is the platform to host online tournaments and share a prize pool worth $100 000 or more.

UPR or Universal Player Ranking is already a standard in e-sports. Gamers can progress by raising their UPR from amateurs to pros. And, make money on the way!

ESTN also introduces the concept of seat owners. Investors can buy seat licenses in a form of digital NFTs which earn them a percentage of a prize pool, getting income from the owner’s club staking pool. This NFT is 100% liquid, so if the investor wants to liquidate it, seat owner can sell it back to the platform.

Plus, every time someone purchase your digital seat to watch the tournament, you get paid also.

Claim Your FREE NFT Vault Box before they are gone!

What ESTN is doing is unprecedented in the E-sports gaming blockchain space and no short intro can do it justice, you just have to see for yourself. 

What I can tell you is you will most definitely want to be a part of this.

Go here grab your FREE NFT Vault and see for yourself, you can thank me later…

ESTN make money e sports tournament platform

What ESTN offers is more than an idea. This is a very real opportunity to own a very real piece of a transformative E-sports platform.

Other blockchain opportunities raise funds to turn ideas into realities. The technological concepts behind ESTN have already been developed into realities, and what they ask is your help to scale it into a dominant worldwide enterprise.

If you register to ESTN and claim your free NFT vault, you will participate in a giveaway which will be held in a pre-sell phase of ESTN platform.

They also have a 2 tier affiliate marketing program in which you earn ESTN tokens when you refer someone to the platform.

Earn from every person that purchases ANYTHING inside the entire ESTN ecosystem for life on 2 levels!

This looks like a great opportunity so go ahead and register as a gamer or an investor and participate in the greatest NFT giveaway ever created.

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